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The powerful benefits of employee volunteering programs

February 06, 2022
Two employees participating in an employee volunteer program embrace in front of an old wall.

Along with benefits like paid time off (PTO) and wellness programs, working for an organization that promotes philanthropic opportunities is a major motivator for members of the workforce today.

By organizing an employee volunteering program as part of your corporate philanthropy offerings, your business can not only create a charitable impact but also increase employee productivity and teamwork. Let’s explore the many advantages of engaging employees in corporate philanthropy through volunteering.

Volunteering boosts employee morale and productivity

One of the biggest benefits of volunteering is that it can improve physical and mental well-being. For example, research has found that volunteering boosts:

  • Overall happiness and satisfaction.
  • Lifespan. Interpersonal connections.
  • Productivity in the workplace.

These personal advantages can also help your business thrive. Healthier, happier employees tend to perform better and be great team players, helping your business achieve its goals. Provide your employees with opportunities to volunteer during the workday, giving them time to reap the health benefits and bond with their coworkers.

Volunteering improves your business’ public persona

Corporate philanthropy initiatives like employee volunteering can help you build a positive brand image. Studies show that 70% of American consumers think that it’s important for companies to make the world a better place. Spending your time and money to give back to the community demonstrates that philanthropy is one of your core values and can attract socially-minded customers to your business.

Volunteering encourages workplace bonding and teamwork

Did you know that 58% of men and 74% of women would refuse a higher-paying job if it meant not getting along with coworkers? Volunteering brings your teams together to achieve tasks outside of work, improving work relationships and teamwork. Instead of a yearly retreat, consider making a volunteer outing your next bonding event. You’ll forge friendships while making the world a better place.

Volunteering at work is accessible

The most common reason members of the workforce don’t volunteer is a lack of free time due to a busy work schedule.

Establishing company-wide paid volunteer days off guarantees your employees have time to give. This will also improve your employees’ work-life balance, leading to a healthier, more fulfilling work culture.

Volunteer programs can be flexible

A major upside of volunteer programs from a logistics perspective is that there are many ways to structure your program. For instance, employers can offer:

  • An annual paid day of service.
  • Optional volunteer days off.
  • Skills-based volunteering opportunities on company time.

This flexibility allows companies of all sizes and resources to integrate volunteering into their workplace culture and corporate philanthropy initiatives.

Tap into corporate volunteer benefits today

Corporate volunteer programs can positively impact your business’s employee well-being, work environment, and brand image. The power of giving is evident, and employers and employees can benefit from it by organizing an employee volunteering program.

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