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10 statistics that prove employee volunteer programs work

March 24, 2022
This image of a smiling woman loading cans into boxes represents the importance and impact of employee volunteer programs.

Corporations can engage their employees in a variety of ways from compensation practices to advancement to cultivating a positive workplace culture. Another top engagement strategy is implementing an employee volunteer program. These programs partner with local nonprofit organizations to provide employees with time off to help their communities as a company. 

Of course, before launching a new employee engagement program, corporations should do their research to ensure it will be worth the return on investment. For employee volunteer programs, the numbers more than prove that these initiatives can increase engagement, satisfaction, loyalty, and productivity. 

Interested in seeing for yourself? Here are 10 statistics that show what an employee volunteer program can do for your business:

Employee engagement stats

Productivity stats

Employer branding stats

Launch your employee volunteer program

Employee volunteer programs benefit your employees, your community, and your business. To get started, meet with your employees to learn what causes matter to them and incorporate them into your volunteer program. Then, organize employee volunteer days, offer volunteer time-off, and check in with your employees to receive feedback about how you can continue improving your program and increase employee engagement

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