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GivingTuesday checklist: getting sophisticated

GivingTuesday is one of the most exciting days of the year for any nonprofit. Use this checklist to harness the power of GivingTuesday.

A group of adult and children volunteers planting new plants in a forest.

The ultimate #GivingTuesday checklist is a valuable resource for nonprofits aiming to optimize their impact on this important fundraising day. The checklist provides step-by-step guidance on planning and executing a successful campaign, including setting goals, creating branded materials, leveraging ambassadors, and implementing a multi-channel approach. It emphasizes building excitement, engaging donors through timely messaging, and expressing gratitude. The checklist also highlights the role of effective fundraising software, such as Bonterra Donor Engagement’s Development solution (formerly EveryAction), in facilitating donor engagement. Overall, it offers a concise roadmap to maximize fundraising success on GivingTuesday.

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