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We are now Bonterra
Unleash your employees’ passion & purpose


Make it easy for your employees to participate in a wide range of volunteering opportunities with corporate volunteerism software. CyberGrants is now Bonterra Volunteerism.

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Transform your corporate volunteering programs.

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Expand your footprint

Offer a variety of volunteer opportunities: individual and team events, virtual and skill-based, in-person events, green initiatives, Dollars for Doers, and more, creating rewarding employee experiences.

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Make volunteering fun

Encourage friendly competition and track participation by teams or individuals with our leaderboard and social elements.

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Create a positive impact

Provide enriched reporting and visualizations to stakeholders for insights into the number of hours volunteered, amount donated, and impact on the community, empowering informed decision-making.

How it Works

Give your employees the freedom to discover and choose volunteer opportunities that align with their personal interests.

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Quickly add and feature volunteering events that align with your employees' interests to encourage participation and engagement in causes they are passionate about. 

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Harness a healthy competition by gamifying giving back through our team leaderboard.

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Provide executives with enriched reporting and at-a-glance visualizations while empowering your team to make informed decisions and understand the impact of your volunteer programs.

Volunteerism Success Stories

Extend your Volunteerism impact with powerful add-ons

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Quickly and easily visualize the effectiveness of your volunteering programs with this deep analytics solutions.

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Advanced support

Partner with an expert consultant to expand the flexibility of your Corporate Social Responsibility team without the constraints of recruiting, hiring, and training a new resource.

Get started with Volunteerism

See how you can get your team up and running with corporate volunteering software that will make it easier than ever for your employees to get involved in causes they care about and make a positive impact in their communities.

Step 1: Schedule a call

Speak with a Bonterra team member to better understand your corporate volunteerism goals.

Step 2: Book a demo

See firsthand how Bonterra's Volunteerism solution can take your workplace volunteering program to the next level.

Step 3: Launch your volunteer program

Launch your corporate volunteerism program and start building connections between employees and the communities in which they work.

Frequently asked questions

Corporate volunteering software helps corporations streamline and manage their volunteerism programs. Volunteerism allows corporations to create, track, and coordinate volunteering opportunities, making it easier for employees to participate and contribute to causes they care about.

Bonterra provides comprehensive support to Volunteerism administrators, employees, donors, and nonprofit organizations. Each Volunteerism customer is assigned a dedicated point of contact and has access to a 24x7 online help center that offers resources such as videos, articles, and best practices.

Customers can also receive support through our contact center which is accessible via phone and email. Support hours are available for nonprofits and employees and donors from Monday to Friday, 8am-8pm EST, while Volunteerism administrators receive support from Monday to Friday, 8am-5pm EST.

Bonterra vets nonprofit organizations by verifying their tax status via the IRS Business Master File, Canadian Revenue Agency, and other global databases like Charities Aid Foundation of America to guarantee the nonprofit meets the charitable standards of our corporate customers. For additional security measures, organizations are also scanned against various watchlists on an organization and individual level.


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