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Bonterra announces key data insights and takeaways from GivingTuesday

Bonterra™ today announced key data insights and takeaways from GivingTuesday to inform continued future fundraising success. GivingTuesday, an internationally recognized day of generosity in over 85 countries, was held November 29, 2022.

The support generated around this movement continues to resonate with those looking to make a difference during the holiday season as GivingTuesday Data Commons estimates that over $3.1 billion was raised on the 10th anniversary. This is the second year in a row where an increase has been seen in total dollars given to support community causes.

Despite the current economic challenges and volatility, there was a strong response from donors, volunteers, participating organizations, and corporations as over $70.8 million was raised online through Bonterra’s solutions. During the week of November 26 through December 2, over625,000 donors raised 132.2 million in total. In addition, over60,000 organizations and nearly 200 corporations participated in GivingTuesday week through Bonterra solutions and the average gift size being $187. While there are many factors as to why donors may have given outside of November 29, these findings indicate that the GivingTuesday movement expands beyond a singular date.

“At Bonterra, we are honored to support our customers’ efforts as they put $132.3million directly back into their communities to drive impact in 2023,” said Ben Miller, Senior Vice President of Data Science and Analytics. “In addition, we see opportunity for our customers to evolve the way they execute giving events based on recent trends. Instead of a single day of giving, we can keep the momentum going as GivingTuesday transforms into a week of generosity,” added Miller.

With a purpose to power those who power social impact, drawing insights from Bonterra-wide results help the entire social good sector to expand its impact. 

Some additional key findings from Bonterra’s GivingTuesday results from 2022 include:

  • Philanthropy remains strong throughout GivingTuesday week
  • Nonprofit communications continue to power donations
  • Corporate matches and incentives empower employee giving
  • Volunteerism remains a significant driver of social good on GivingTuesday

“Giving day events enable our customers to make an impact in their local communities on a large scale and by providing insight into the fundraising trends we are seeing across Bonterra this year, they can use that data to inform future decisions and achieve even more success,” said Kimberly O’Donnell, Chief Fundraising Officer.

“At Bonterra, we believe that technology and data can allow nonprofits and public-sector organizations to scalequickly and can help drive more social impact every day, not just on GivingTuesday,” added Mark Layden, Chief Executive Officer. “We are excited to be able to offer takeaways rooted in Bonterra-wide data to our customers so they can continue evolving the ways they make community impacts from fundraising to corporate giving and even volunteering,” said Layden.

For more ways to take specific actions based on Bonterra’s 2022 GivingTuesday data and to increase fundraising success and community impact, read the blog post.

About Bonterra™

Bonterra is the second-largest and fastest-growing social good software company in the world with solutions from CyberGrants, EveryAction, Network for Good, Social Solutions, and their respective entities making up its product family. Bonterra, which stems from the French word for “good” (bon) and the Latin word for “land” (terra)represents the exponential good that can be accomplished with the right foundation and supports the company’s purpose to power those who power social impact. Bonterra’s differentiated, end-to-end solutions collectively support a unique network of over 19,000 customers, including over 15,000 nonprofit organizations and over 50 percent of Fortune 100 companies. Learn more at

December 19, 2022